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What a year!

I just finished reading the 60 accomplishments this year on a buzz feed.  It was pretty fun to read!  I am very encouraged by so many people stepping forward to let America know we are out here.  As an educator, I worry because it seems a lot easier to do when you are a celebrity.  But maybe it isn’t.  they have families and friends too.  it is not easy to live one life and then all of a sudden, you announce you are a different person.  it really take guts.  But I still worry for educators.  So much is at risk when we come out.  There are groups out there like One Million Moms (One Million Moms) who consider it trash.  So if that’s the case, how would they feel knowing LGBTQ teachers educate their children?  I think it is ridiculous, but regardless, I am very happy to see that people are standing up and stepping out!  We have congress people who are out!  Future mayors!  And, to top it off, we finally have a president that supports gay marriage!  We have come a long way!

So I challenge parents to consider finding books that include us as families.  Encourage discussion when they use “gay” inappropriately, and continue to uplift us as people, not a different species!  Thank you all for your support, and for your votes.  It does make a difference. Love you!

It’s okay to be gay,


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