Where do we stand, because we gotta stand somewhere.

Today, I had raged emotions of frustration and concern.  I was frustrated with so many people thinking that the events that take place within the LGBTQ communities are not as serious as other civil rights issues.  I am still frustrated because I know that the only way we get information is through media, which can depend on the county, state, or country in which we depend upon for “valid” information.  We choose to listen to others more than finding facts for ourselves.  We pick a radio station or tv station and take to heart what is said.  

I am concerned becuae it is beginning to divide us.  I know that there has to be a time where we must take a stand for what we truely believe in.  But the problem is, some of the people I care about may feel differently than me and that can create tension.  This is election year, so a lot of controversy will continue to stir within our country.  But, really, where do you stand?  I used to hear that all the time in church.  We say, you can’t be lukewarm.  You either are or are not for God and all he stands for.  But yet, when it comes to humanity, so many of us are lukewarm.  We are willing to just kind of hang around and watch people around us get hurt or lose their lives or loved ones due to HATE.  It still exists.  

Today I get into a small discussion on FB and here was my last response after a lot of thought and persistence for opening eyes:

This is something that I must share.  I cannot sit back and accept neutral.  There is something that needs more acknowledging.  It is called HUMANITY.  We are all people and yes we have opinions, but unfortunately MONEY DOES OPPRESS PEOPLE.  If there are huge donations going to certain people or organizations, who can say what happens behind closed doors with those people?  I hope none of the people accepting these funds also support the Anaheim police that beat community members or the other leaders in our communities that turn the other way to hate crimes and bullying.  But most likely, if the money is going towards people like Santorum, c’mon.  Let’s be realist here.  When we do not acknowledge equality, we are acknowledging separation, or inequality of people.  People are people.  I did not choose this.  My friends have seen me struggle with this identity.  But I love regardless of what society thinks.  I love even harder.  And what I wouldn’t give to have NATIONAL acknowledgement through paper documents of my partnership.  That has nothing to do with individuals’ thoughts or feelings.  If they are not marrying them, then why the heck does it matter?  We must acknowledge this huge deal for what it is.  It is a political move trying to push more money toward one political party.  Many of these leaders do not support equality for all.  It is equality for who we like or who is similar to what we believe.  This is a big deal.  To me.  To many other LGBTQ people.  I do not name call.  Many of us do not.  But we do get mad.  We get hurt almost daily from bigotry and heterosexism acts that denigrate us.  We do fight for our rights and we continue to work with various organizations to open ALL of our eyes to more than tolerance.  How about acceptance?  We fight, and we will continue to do so… 

With that being said, I ask, what do you really believe in?  Do you truly believe that Ana and I should get married?

Do you believe in equality for all humanity?  Pass it on…


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