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LGBT Bullying-What are you doing about it?

Lately I have seen many videos on Youtube as well as updates through the media in regards to bullying.  Apparently Wanda Sykes and Hillary Duff are doing PSA’s about saying “That’s so gay.”  It’s about time people got on board with that.  Wanda is a perfect person to do this too!  She is funny and has that “Momma” tone.

I wrote a literature review (that may need a little work) referring to bullying.  Here is a quote from my paper:

Statistics given by Higdon (2011) are as follows:

            One study found that LGBT students experienced bullying

at twice the rate of non-LGBT students. Further, the bullying these children

receive can be extremely severe. In fact, one study of LGBT youth found that 81%

experienced verbal harassment, 38% had been physically threatened, 22% had

objects thrown at them, 15% suffered physical assaults; 6% suffered assaults with a

weapon, and 16% had been sexually assaulted.  One-third of LGBT youth has faced both verbal and physical abuse from

family members as a result of the child’s perceived sexual orientation (p.842).       

Higdon, M. J. (2011). To lynch a child: Bullying and gender conformity in our nation’s schools. Indiana Law Journal, 86(827), 827-878.

These are statistics that change everyday.  I am so tired of hearing about verbal and physical abuse to people who just want to be happy being themselves.  Who gave anyone the right to hurt individuals because they are not like them?  If anything, they should be admired for not conforming to this boxed society of keeping up with the Jones’ and pleasing everyone else but themselves.  Being a little selfish is a good thing. Taking time to wear that swagg outfit or getting a nice hair style is selfish.  Making “you” time is selfish.  It’s okay to love on yourself a little bit.  But some of these LGBTQ youth only have themselves to even give themselves love.  Does that make sense?  If they don’t love themselves, who will?  If being open about who they are gives them satisfaction of being a whole human being, who is society to take that away from them?

I am tired of hearing about our beautiful transgendered people being found dead on the streets.  Are you kidding me?!  The government can only do so much within a set amount of time.  But we are the people who see these LGBTQ youth at a more intimate level.  The perfect example is the story of Jonah Mowry (I will give you the link to his Youtube video on my poster).  He put himself in a vulnerable position in August and shared with the world that he hurts and he is tired of hurting himself because of what people are saying.  He cried and cried.  He made a wonderful statement at the end, which I will not ruin for you.  But my point is, he is still alive.  He has had over 5 million views of his video in the past week! Not all were positive, but the good definitely out weighed the bad.  People from all over the world reached out to him.  5 million people.

So, what are you going to do about gay bullying? Take a look at my poster.  It’s for a presentation of one of my papers, but it gives resources for you.  It is also proof that a small thing can go a long way.  I will post this to share with others that I am not going to tolerate harm of any  kind upon any person, especially my LGBTQ family!  I would love to hear about wonderful experiences or actions that you are taking in your community.

It’s okay to be gay,