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Can Congress Stop Bullying?!

So, I read an exciting article that came out on November 2, 2011 from Education Week.   I appreciate Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota who is standing up for LGBT students!  He believes that the proposal should also incorporate sexual orientation to protect LGBT students.  Sen. Franken gave a statistic that 9 out of 10 students experience harassment at schools.  

This weekend I attended an AESA conference where I was exposed to many intellects that shared their research and concerns on education and social justice.  A young woman named Erin from Canada shared with us the death of a young boy named Jamie Hubley  Why do we continue to sit back and listen to the information?  I know we are in the process of fighting Wall Street and poverty, etc., but how easy is to to tell the person next to you to stop using the word “gay” as an insult!?  Why can’t we take a few moments to get a shirt or bracelet, or make a shirt or bacelet that says “I support the LGBT community!” or “Stop bullying my friends.”  It has to stop.  The easiest way is by example and word of mouth.  We have tons of allies.  We have tons in our LGBT communities. 

Our future is dying right in front of our eyes!  The LGBT kids that can help make an impact on our world and contribute to our future are dying! 

I encourage you to say something nice today.  Blog about it, post it on FB, tweet, whatever.  We as a people need to do just a little bit more to support our youth. 

Who’s comin’ with me!? 

Let me know what you did today!  I would love to hear about it…