Final blog for 579 I’m a new tech woman!

  • What did you do to stretch yourself?
  • What was your intent when you began the development of this project? How did your final product measure up to the intent?
  • What would you do differently for a project like this in the future?
  • What were you satisfied with? What were you dissatisfied with?
  • Write about the process that you went through to complete this activity. Include any other issues that impacted the final outcome.

This final project has truly impacted my technological knowledge.  I had to really research the information and make sure that any person could go online and learn from my workshop, even if he or she was not in the workshop.  That was a challenge for me.

Exposing programs and tools for educators to use is very important to me.  Having my eyes opened wide to all of this technology empowered me to do great things in the classroom.  I wanted to pass that on to others.  I love my final project!  I am very proud of what I have created and I keep trying to show it to everyone.  It gave me a sense of pride.

Future projects I create will have a video made by me or Voicethread to make it easier and more entertaining to follow.

I was very satisfied with the text capturing I did to help with the directions.  I  don’t think I including enough visual stimulation on the wiki.  I would have like to add more color or background to the pages, but I am not sure how to do that yet.

My process was lengthy, yet rewarding.  I first outlined what I would present and make a schedule.  I then created questions with the titles of each element on the schedule to help guide the participant in what to look for.  this helped me find research for each of the topics.  After I researched each topic and felt more confident about what I was presenting, I began to create a wiki for my topic.  As I created the wiki, I created the instructions for using the wiki and my presentation in writing.  I registered to different sites to become comfortable with them before I presented them to others.  I also posted my online resources as I completed my wiki.  Eventually I finished and double checked to ensure that my written presentation flowed with the wiki.  I added an online survey for practice because I would do that for a presentation that I would present.  My challenges were not knowing how much to write on the written presentation, and not knowing how to make the wiki more interesting.  Time was the biggest factor in this project.  It was easy to go over four hours to present all that I wanted to.  I had to cut down and make sure that I stayed on topic when deciding what to present.

Overall, the workshop was challenging, yet rewarding.  I would love to really present it one day!


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