Mobile Storytelling On-the-Go Learning (blog post #4)

I found a blog titled “On the go- Mobile Storytelling” by Silvia Tolisano from Langwitches Blogs

This blog caught my eye because I really like the idea of using mobile devices for the greater good versus taking them away and making them the subject of war with the students.  Why not take the upper-hand and allow students to use them!?  The quotes that inspired me to respond are:

“Being able to take pictures and video footage on the same device where they can be edited and then immediately be uploaded and disseminated is a game changer in my eyes.”

“Imagine the possibilities of students taking the devices on field trips or on location to interview eye witnesses or experts for research projects.”


Here was my response:


Dear Silvia,

I see many advantages of mobile learning!  A colleague of mine made a valid point, in which many people have mentioned before-if the students have something that they use all of the time, we should stop wasting time with trying to take the phones away, and spend more time with trying to use them in the classrooms.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the amount of misuse in class would decline when students are allowed to explore and learn with mobile devices. When an opportunity for a field trip presents itself, the planning and capturing the perfect moments seem to be some of the biggest stressors for me.  I am taking your advice and will use it in my classroom and on-the go! I am looking forward to seeing what my students can do with mobile storytelling.  Thank you for your insight!


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