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I get all warm and mushy

So recent movies and social issues have made me cry like a baby.  There are so many places I would like to be, including the ocean, to explore and save.

1. I would like to work with the girls in India who have been trafficked in their own country and ours as well.  I would teach them all that I could-multiple subjects as well as life lessons.

2. I would like to save our land.  The landfills fill up because it is an inconvenience to recycle.  Recycling becomes a chore and so costly that it drives many people away from doing it.  If I could, I would save our land.

3. I have read about and watched on video people getting beaten to death because of their religion.  If I could go to the Middle East and help save those people who wish they could just love their own god without being crucified.  I would help hide them and pray with them.  I would show love to ALL religions, no matter what they believe.

4.  If I could go to China and adopt all the baby girls I could, I would.  I seriously looked into adopting at least one, after seeing what they have to go through, only because they are the second born, or are not a boy. It costs tens of thousands of dollars to get one baby-a baby that no one wants.  It doesn’t make sense.  If I could, I would save at least one, and show others the advantages of adopting babies from other parts of the world.

5. If I could save the ocean, I would.  I watched a movie tonight that made me fall in love even more with the ocean.  I have snorkeled and swam with the fish, and would give anything to do it more often.  It hurts my heart to no end to see these beautiful creatures who have been here before us and will be here after us hurt and live in confusion because of the water pollution.  So many creatures will not live their expected life because of poachers and nets and pollution.  If I could save the ocean I would.

I cried today as I thought about all of the confusion and violence that goes on everyday. For now, I will continue to educate and support foundations, and pray for all of these situations.  for now, I will continue to try and make a difference in our future-the children of whom I teach everyday.  So often we complain and discuss what others should do.  We waste money and resources every second. I am going to try harder to do what I can to make sure we as creatures on this Earth continue to have life. What are you doing to make a difference?

***Movies I recommend:

-The Stoning of Sarya M.

-I am Khan

-Oceans (Disney)

-The Lost Girls of China (with Lisa Ling)



Lyrics by AZ

“Make A Wave”
(with Joe Jonas)

They say the beat of a butterflies wings,
Can set off a storm the world away
What if they’re right and the smallest of things
Can power the strongest hurricane?
What if it all begins inside?
We hold the key that turns the tide

Just a pebble in the water (ohh)
Can set the sea in motion (ohh)
A simple act of kindness (ohh)
Can stir the widest ocean
If we show a little love
Heaven knows what we could change (oh yeah)
So throw a pebble in the water (oh yeah)
And make a wave, make a wave
Make a wave, make a wave

The single joys that you take and send
And reach out your hand to someone in need (help somebody)
Don’t fool yourself and say you can’t
You never know what can grow from just one seed (yeah)

So come with me and seize the day
This world may never be the same

Just a pebble in the water,
(Just a pebble in the water)
Can set the sea in motion,
(Can set the sea in motion)
A simple act of kindness (ohh)
Can stir the widest ocean
(Stir the widest ocean)
If we show a little love,
(If we show a little love)
Heaven knows that we could change,
(Heaven knows that we can change)
So throw a pebble in the water,
(So throw a pebble in the water)
Make a wave, make a wave
(Make a wave, make a wave)
Make a wave, make a wave (Yeah, yeah)
(Make a wave, make a wave)
Make a wave, make a wave
(Show a little love and make a wave, seize with me)
Heaven knows what we could change (Oh, oh)

So let’s show a little love
You never know we could change
So throw a pebble in the water
Make a wave, make a wave
Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh…


Mobile Storytelling On-the-Go Learning (blog post #4)

I found a blog titled “On the go- Mobile Storytelling” by Silvia Tolisano from Langwitches Blogs

This blog caught my eye because I really like the idea of using mobile devices for the greater good versus taking them away and making them the subject of war with the students.  Why not take the upper-hand and allow students to use them!?  The quotes that inspired me to respond are:

“Being able to take pictures and video footage on the same device where they can be edited and then immediately be uploaded and disseminated is a game changer in my eyes.”

“Imagine the possibilities of students taking the devices on field trips or on location to interview eye witnesses or experts for research projects.”


Here was my response:


Dear Silvia,

I see many advantages of mobile learning!  A colleague of mine made a valid point, in which many people have mentioned before-if the students have something that they use all of the time, we should stop wasting time with trying to take the phones away, and spend more time with trying to use them in the classrooms.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the amount of misuse in class would decline when students are allowed to explore and learn with mobile devices. When an opportunity for a field trip presents itself, the planning and capturing the perfect moments seem to be some of the biggest stressors for me.  I am taking your advice and will use it in my classroom and on-the go! I am looking forward to seeing what my students can do with mobile storytelling.  Thank you for your insight!