Walls-Who Needs Walls? Reflection #2

When I last reflected, I was excited about PLNs and how to use them in my classroom.  At this point, I have learned that a classroom isn’t really a classroom.  Walls should not be an issue when teaching!  I have learned about an abundance of digital tools and websites that students can use to enhance learning.

When creating my technology rich classroom environment, I learned that a classroom must have tools that can excite and engage kids, enhance learning, and encourage exploration and experimentation. I also watched videos that showed examples of tech environments.  If possible, students should leave the classroom to explore and experiment. Students must discover and inquire in order to solve their own problems, which make them analytical learners while using awesome technological tools.

If I were in a classroom, or when I teach an Elementary Ed. student, I would use Kidspiration, Glogster, U-stream, BigHugeLabs, Wordle and anything else that will come out before then!  Allowing students to feel trusted and important enough to use technology can make a huge difference in the production of work from any student. Giving students a larger perspective on learning increases their motivation to want to find more ways to learn. I look forward to using these tools in my technology rich classroom!




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