We Learn From Our Mistakes-Kudos to Vicki Davis

So in the past few months I have really experienced some trying situations.  I have relocated for the third time in 10 years (not counting the move from MD to VA), took on a new kid (age 16, going on 25), and officially began the Doctoral program at ISU.  Was any of this in the plans?  Well, kind of, but not really.

My hopes for moving back to Illinois was to go back to ISU and work on having children with my partner while living with Mom.  But, that didn’t work out. I am living in an apartment I cannot afford, working a minimum wage job, taking care of a kid, and going to school.

I’m tired today.  I don’t want to read.  I am trying to press on and just find some motivation to read.  I am overwhelmed.

On a positive note-I have a job.  I have a wonderful family.  I have a nice place to live.  And-I have student loans and welfare!!!! 😉   I am loving the study times I have with my kid and my partner.  We all go to school.  We all study.  The TV is hardly on.  In fact, my sister and her friend spent the night last weekend so we can play Wii, and I told them tro bring their back packs.  They ended up studying too!

I say all of this to say-I have made many mistakes on my road to success.  I have said things I shouldn’t have to friends or family, spent too much money, drank too much, gained lots of weight, and gave up on things I probably shouldn’t have.

But I reflect on what was done, and I know that I will be wiser, more patient, and a lot more frugal.

I will continue on with my chapter of my life, and I must go and read!  Really, I have to read.  Ugggg… I don’t want to read!  😉


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