Teacher Bullying-Make Your Classroom a Welcoming Place!

While surfing the net and reading through blogs, I found many interesting topics.  This one in particular stuck out to me, because I have witnessed Teacher bullying and I have helped kids who have been bullied.  In Vicki’s blog, she writes:

“I think the toughest thing for me is that I’ve seen teachers who are bullies. It makes me angry. We must all know that any power we may have can be used for good or be used for bad. Often, the teachers we remember are the “bad ones” and the bad ones almost always wielded their power to intimidate, humiliate, and embarrass. Often teachers don’t know it.”

“Yes, I said love! Good teachers love their students. This is not sexual or any kind of inappropriate love. But tender love for those who need it most. They need it.”


My response to her:

Thanks Vicki for your insight on this touchy subject.  There are so many instances where I have seen or heard about teachers hurting children’s feelings.  I know this because I was one of the teachers that loved.  I loved unconditionally and still do today, and that has positive and negative consequences.  A positive consequence for loving all of my students is that they are attached to you.  I still keep in contact with many of them today.  In fact, I have a student that has asked me to be her Godmother.  What an honor!  The negative consequence is that they are attached to you.  I hear way too much about their personal lives, and they don’t ever want to leave!  That’s how I am aware of teacher bullying.  My students trust me and tell me these horrific stories of teachers putting them down so much.  I understand that teachers get frustrated.  I understand that there are instances where a child can say or do something that is so disrespectful at that moment, that our emotions can get the best of us.  But, we have to remember that it is just a moment.  Children are developing each day, and they don’t mean most of what they say.  We have to understand that their lack of participation or negative attitudes come from somewhere.  It is our job to LOVE them and expect nothing in return.  Because one day, they will realize that there are teachers that really care and it will make a difference in their lives.  Thanks Vicki!


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